So, you have decided that your big family needs to spend a day at a paintballing center doing something new, different, and exciting. You have located a place that you think will be perfect for your needs. Now, since you are traveling with many young ones, how can you be sure that everyone gets to enjoy while staying safe? Here are a few things to check.

The Protective Gear

So, the first thing you have to know is the type of protective gear you will be provided with. Are you getting all the components of the gear? Is your body safe? Are you getting protection for your head and face? Will the back of your head be safe? These are some important things that you should know about the protective gear you get at these places.

The Gear Checks

Having your equipment with you is not enough. You know already that there is a lot of running and climbing involved and this can damage the equipment you are wearing. So, what you have to look for is whether the facility performs any checks on the goggles and other equipment or not.

Ample Staff Availability

The facility you are about to pick should have enough staff so someone’s already there when you need them. You shouldn’t be running around for several minutes before there is a staff person in sight. It’s a fun game, but things can go awry while playing even the most benign games. So, the staff should always be there.

One of the places where you get all of these things is Velocity Paintball. From proper safety gear to daily and pre-game gear checks, you get it all at this facility. Also, there is enough and trained staff to listen to you and help you when you need it.

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