Although it is true that almost all manufacturers today undertake produce some great excellent products, you simply simply cannot ignore the fact that they are simply made with the average fisher in mind. Do you know exactly who the average angler is definitely? I sure shouldn’t! Taking a look at all of my best mate who fish, it’s unlikely that any of us is similar sized, casting style, and also grip preference just to name just a few variables. Nonetheless, the manufacturers would want people to believe that each within their off-the-shelf products may match our reef fishing styles and us all perfectly.

When you decide for you to fish a custom-built rod you are placing another dimension in your sport and enjoyment. You’ll find nothing is quite like the thrill of perfect casts, connecting and landing the fish on a perfected surgical tool that have been handcrafted for you. You won’t have to depend upon whether a number of individual was creating a good day at our factory or not when they packaged the guides onto your fishing rod, if they picked the best pieces of cork for the handle anatomy’s grip, if the the time hath been taken to ensure that the constituents were placed on the exact rod for most effective performance, and that the very best quality components were utilised.

Another great reason for getting a custom-built rod is you have so many different types of premium components! You might have found the a great ‘action’ that is best for you, but you aren’t satisfied with the type of instructions, the quality of cork, the very thread wraps and also you want to move up to the better quality reel seats. You don’t have this type of selection unless you decide a opt for the custom alternative.


Excellent is by far the biggest variance between a custom made and OTS fly rod. A company that mass-produces needs to create the main profit margin along with unfortunately, some (not all) manufacturers as well cut corners for components.

Blanks in addition to guides are not put into practice to determine the optimum location (nor can they special someone a particular reel plus line combination towards them); instead, a common spacing is determined though no two sportfishing rods (even within the production run) will be exactly the same. A professional, tailor made builder ensures that each of those static (for stress and anxiety distribution) and way (for best audition performance) testing comes about.


Now that you are aware of that the core connected with custom rod-building is definitely the unique selection, change, design, quality, ease, aesthetics, performance, in addition to assembly of parts into a finished offshore fishing “system-of-systems, let’s examine “cost. ” The same myth is that your “more expensive fly fishing rod means it’s greater. ” This record is disproved using every angler’s layout that a custom curtain rod builder creates, with reasonable prices compared to equivalent competitors or the mistaken quality of the mass-produced “off-the-shelf variant. inch

1 . You get even more “bang” for your hard-earned “buck. ”

two . You get better factors: a) that actually suit, b) are more tough, c) are for premium construction (i. e., no shorter cuts), d) the fact that add to the overall performance resulting from quality of building, and e) supplement the aesthetics.

3 or more. You have “Freedom for ones, ” meaning: a) you have a better range of components, and b) ultimately, the choice of pieces are yours… never someone else’s idea of the actual “perfect” for you.

five. Generally, custom constructors offer a warranty which can be “what a warranty was generated to be” rapid satisfaction guaranteed… and also without expiration or even additional “fine print”… i. e., up-front or back-end expenditures for those warranties which have been so common pertaining to factory-made fishing supports.

5. The personalized fishing rod is custom-designed (by you) along with handcrafted by a competent… not a machine to make sure you receive a personalized, hand-tuned, custom-fit, and designed one at-a-time. Indubitably, many of the custom fly rod builders construct the optimum hand-tailored custom fishing rods that are as different as the anglers who else fish them…. therefore, the quality is all the way through superior to any built competitor.

At Cajun Custom Rods, most people build only optimum hand-tailored, custom angling rods that are like unique as the fishers who fish these folks. We cater to the particular performance, aesthetic, in addition to design specifications about novice, avid weekend, and the tournament anglers who wants and knows about only the very best within the hand-crafted, custom-fit, plus one-of-a-kind custom fly fishing rod. Whether you’re looking for a good bass fishing rod or perhaps an inshore fly rod, both available in spinner or casting fly fishing rod designs, your made to order rod design can leverage our practical knowledge and superior fly fishing rod building standards to generate the custom fly rod of your dreams!

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